Lori Frugoli's commitment to public service through public safety began early.  She is the daughter of hardworking, lifelong Democrats who raised their family in Marinwood.  Lori was first inspired to keep Marin safe when she participated in a Terra Linda High School Ride-a-Long program with the Richmond Police Department.

After graduating, she became a Police Cadet with the San Rafael Police Department and was one of the first women to volunteer as a Reserve Police Officer for the City of San Rafael.

While working full-time at the San Rafael Police Department, Lori earned a degree from the College of Marin in 1976, where she was also hired as a Campus Police Officer. 

In 1984, Lori graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA degree in Administration of Justice.


Lori broke the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman on the Downtown Walking beat in the Santa Rosa Police Department.  In 1982, a committee of Police chiefs awarded Lori the Peace Officer of the Year Award for Meritorious Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

Lori continued to be a pioneer, excelling in numerous assignments throughout her tenure at the Santa Rosa Police Department.  As a member of the investigations unit she focused on property, fraud, and embezzlement crimes. She also worked in an undercover capacity investigating drug sales and prostitution crimes. She trained as an Arson Investigator, was a member of the Hostage Negotiations Team, and served as a Board Member of the San Rosa Police Officers' Association.

In 1985, Lori entered Golden Gate University's School of Law while serving as a Deputy Sheriff for the Marin County Sheriff's Office.  Once again, Lori worked during her studies.  She successfully passed the State Bar in 1989 and was hired as a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Marin in 1990.


Throughout her 27-year career as a Deputy District Attorney, Lori has represented Marin in thousands of cases and over 100 jury trials.

Her diverse and challenging caseload has included seeking justice for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, home invasions and elder abuse.

She was assigned as the Gang Prosecution Coordinator in 1994 and continued to prosecute Gang Cases, including multiple gang related shooting cases through 1999.

In 1997, she received the Marin County District Attorney's Pride Award for "Outstanding Professionalism and Dedication to the Office."

In 2004, during a first-degree murder case, she was one of the first prosecutors in California to present expert evidence and testimony using Mitochondrial DNA evidence.

Lori has been a coordinator in a supervisory position in various Felony Criminal Departments which involved reviewing and assigning felony cases, evaluating cases for prosecution, reviewing dispositions of the cases and mentoring other prosecutors. 

Lori has earned a well-deserved reputation in the community for treating people with respect and professionalism.  She has received compliments from victims, defendants, their families, and witnesses.  

Lori was also a Coordinator of Alternative Justice Courts for the Adult Drug Court and the Star Court  (which serves mentally ill offenders). 

Lori is a lifelong Democrat who lives in Novato with her husband Gary, whom she met when they both served with the San Rafael Police Department. 

Lori looks forward to further bringing her lifetime of experience keeping Marin safe to the District Attorney's Office.


A Marin Native

  • Raised in Marinwood
  • Attended Mary Silveira Elementary, Miller Creek Middle School, and Terra Linda High School
  • Lives in Novato with her husband Gary 

A Pioneering Police Officer

  • Santa Rosa Police Department & Marin County Sheriff's Office
  • First woman to volunteer for the Downtown Walking beat in Santa Rosa
  • Designated Arson Investigator 
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Undercover Narcotics Officer

A Dedicated Deputy
District Attorney

  • Conducted more than 100 jury trials including
    • First Degree Murder 
    • Attempted Murder
    • Sexual Assault
    • Elder Abuse
    • Child Abuse
  • Gang Prosecutor
  • Designated Domestic Violence Prosecutor
  • Felony Criminal Department Coordinator