Pictured left to right: Marin County District Attorney Michael Gridley (1998-1999), Lori Frugoli, Marin County District Attorney Paula Kamena (1999-2004), Marin County District Attorney Jerry Herman (1979-1998)


"Lori worked her way through Law School as a Marin County Deputy Sheriff, patrolling beats at night and hitting the law books by day. She is not afraid of hard work."

Paula Freschi Kamena,
Marin County 
District Attorney (1999-2004)

"Lori will bring her depth of experience to the DA’s Office, she has tried over a hundred jury trials and knows first-hand what works well and what could use improvement. She will be a tough, fair, knowledgeable and experienced DA."

Jerry Herman,
Marin County 
District Attorney (1979-1998)


"Lori is one of the most dedicated, diligent and effective Deputy District Attorneys I had the pleasure of working with during my 32-year career with the Marin District Attorney's Office. Lori's background as a police officer and a Deputy DA make her unquestionably the most qualified candidate to be Marin's next District Attorney."

Michael Gridley,
Marin County 
District Attorney (1998-1999)

We Support Lori Frugoli For Marin County District Attorney


Edward Berberian, Marin County District Attorney (2005-Present)
Paula Freschi Kamena
, Marin County District Attorney (1999-2004)
Michael Gridley, Marin County District Attorney (1998-1999)
Jerry Herman, Marin County District Attorney (1979-1998)
Robert Doyle, Marin County Sheriff
Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools
Judy Arnold, Marin County Supervisor, SMART Board of Directors 
Cynthia Murray, Marin County Supervisor (fmr.)
Peter Arrigoni, Marin County Supervisor (fmr.)
Joan Thayer, Marin County Assessor-Recorder (fmr.)
Jill Ravitch, Sonoma County District Attorney
Nancy O'Malley
, Alameda County District Attorney
Anna Marie Schubert
, Sacramento County District Attorney
Krishna Abrams, Solano County District Attorney
Joe Russoniello, 
U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California (fmr.)
William T. Bagley, CA Assemblymember (fmr.), Attorney
Patty Garbarino,
Marin County Board of Education President, Golden Gate Bridge Board Director
Robert Goldman
, Marin County Board of Education Board Member
Brian Sobel, Golden Gate Bridge Board Member
J. Dietrich Stroeh
, Golden Gate Bridge Board President (deceased 5/17)
Dr. Frances White, College of Marin Board President (fmr.)
Gary Phillips, San Rafael Mayor
Larry Mulryan
, San Rafael Mayor (fmr.)
Dennis Fisco, Mill Valley Mayor (fmr.)
Terry Hennessy, Tiburon Mayor (fmr.) (deceased 10/18)
Al Boro, San Rafael Mayor (fmr.)
Paul Chignell, San Anselmo Mayor (fmr.) and  SFPOA President (fmr.)
Natu Tuatagaloa, San Rafael School Board Trustee
Debra Butler, Novato School Board Trustee
Derek Knell
, Novato School Board Trustee
Hon. James Collins
, San Francisco (fmr.)
Barbara Heller, San Rafael City Council Member (fmr.)
Rich Nave, San Rafael City Council Member (fmr.)
Maynard Willms, San Rafael City Council Member (fmr.)
Jeanne MacLeamy, City of Novato Councilmember (fmr.)
Denise Athas, Novato City Councilmember
Carole Dillon Knutson, Novato City Councilmember (fmr.)
Matt Brown, San Anselmo Town Council
Susan Wernick, Novato Planning Commissioner


Marin Independent Journal - Lori Frugoli Best Choice for Marin County District Attorney - Oct 7, 2018
Marin Association of Public Employees (MAPE)
TEAMSTERS Joint Council 7
Lisa Lewis-Javar,
Forensic Nurse, Executive Director SANE/SART
Marc Klaas, President KlaasKids Foundation
Noah Griffin, Public Affairs Advisor
Melissa Prandi Moore
Michael Pritchard
Sushma Taylor PhD., President / CEO Centerpoint Inc.
Barbara Salzman
Terry Graham, Chair, Marin Women's Commission (fmr.), Chair, Strawberry Recreation District Board (fmr.)
Neil Hennessy
Joseph Garbarino
Grace Tolson, Dickson Ranch, Woodacre
Dr. William (Bill) Barboni, Veterinarian
Michael Pelfini
Jack Beggs, Retired Marine Engineer
Charles Litchfield, Foxtail Ventures, Inc.


Marin County Prosecutors’ Association
Marin County Deputy Sheriffs' Association
Northern Chapter of the Peace Officers' Research Association of California
Association of Special Agents - California Department of Justice
San Francisco Police Officers' Association
Central Marin Police Officers' Association
Fairfax Police Officers' Association
Novato Police Officers' Association
Ross Police Officers' Association
San Rafael Police Officers' Association
Sausalito Police Officers' Association
Tiburon Police Officers' Association
National Latino Police Officers' Association-Advocacy

Judge Michael Dufficy (fmr.)
Judge William Stephens (fmr.)
Judge John Sutro Jr. (fmr.)
Otis Bruce, Marin County Senior Deputy District Attorney
Teresa Leon Varela, Marin County Deputy District Attorney
Nicole Pantaleo, Marin County Deputy District Attorney
Charles Cacciatore, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Jerry Coleman, Law Professor, San Francisco Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Girard R Courteau, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Al Charmatz, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Peter Evans, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Milt Hyams, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Greg Jones, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Kathryn Mitchell, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Frank Nelson, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Jack Ryder, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Josh Thomas, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Linda Witong, Marin County Deputy District Attorney (fmr.)
Michael Mullins, Sonoma County District Attorney (fmr.)
Donna Lee Chignell, San Francisco Prosecutor (fmr.)

Chris Andrian, Defense Attorney
Mike Baddely, Defense Attorney
Mark Libarle, Defense Attorney
Eugene Ceccoti, Attorney-at-Law
Richard Critchlow, Attorney-at-Law
Robert Diskint, Attorney-at-Law
Oak Dowling, Attorney-at-Law
David Freitas, Attorney-at-Law (deceased 11/17)
Richard Gilardi, Attorney-at-Law
David D. Griffis, Attorney-at-Law
Brooke Halsey, Attorney-at-Law
Perry Litchfield, Attorney-at-Law
Terrel Mason, Attorney-at-Law
Edmond Francis McGill, Attorney-at-Law
Patrick McNeil, Attorney-at-Law
Robert Praetzel, Attorney-at-Law
Gary Ragghianti, Attorney-at-Law
Richard Riede, Attorney-at-Law
Mark Rice, Attorney-at-Law
George Silvestri, Attorney-at-Law
Anne-Marie Tomassini, Attorney-at-Law
Thomas Uniak, Attorney-at-Law
Michelle Boyer, Probation Officer (fmr.)
Kathy Paulson, Probation Officer (fmr.)
Carmen Vance, Deputy Probation Officer
Nilda Fernandez, Victim Program Supervisor
Ceci Sibrian, Marin County DA’s Office, Victims Witness Advocate
Yolanda Johnson, Marin County DA’s Office, Victims Witness Advocate
Anna Macias, Marin County DA’s Office, Victims Witness Advocate
Rachel Mendivel, Marin County DA’s Office, Victims Witness Advocate

Chris Morin, Fairfax Police Chief
Erik Masterson, Ross Police Chief
Michael Cronin, Tiburon Police Chief
Glenn Accornero, Belvedere Police Chief (fmr.)
Gary Lester, Belvedere Police Chief (fmr.)
Ken Hughes, Fairfax Police Chief (fmr.)
Bob Ritter, Mill Valley Police Chief (fmr.)
James Berg, Novato Police Chief (fmr.)
James Reis, Ross Police Chief (fmr.)
Bernard del Santo, San Anselmo Police Chief (fmr.) (deceased 6/18)
Mike Cronin, San Rafael Police Chief (fmr.)
Steve Willis, Sausalito Police Chief (fmr.)
Jennifer Tejada, Sausalito Police Chief (fmr.)
Bill Fraass, Sausalito Police Chief (fmr.)
Pete Herley, Tiburon Police Chief (fmr.)
Salvatore Rosano, Santa Rosa Police Chief (fmr.)
Buzz Keaton, Marin County Undersheriff (fmr.)
Richard Keaton, Marin County Sergeant (fmr.)
Mike Pool, Marin County Sergeant (fmr.)
Ray Deleon, Twin Cities/Central Marin Sergeant
Robert Guidi, Chief Inspector Marin County District Attorneys' Office
Rev. Jan Heglund, San Rafael Police Department Chaplain
Gerald R. Souza, San Rafael Police Captain (fmr.)
Thomas Boyd, San Rafael Police Captain (fmr.)
Andre Horn, Twin Cities/Central Marin Police Captain (fmr.)
Dan Hanlon, San Rafael Police Corporal (fmr.)
Tony Ghiolotte, Novato Police Lieutenant (fmr.)
Michael Cleary, San Rafael Police (fmr.)
Jack Needling, San Rafael Police (fmr.)
Harold Pennington, San Rafael Police (fmr.)
John Huntoon, San Rafael Police
Larry Green, Santa Rosa Police, Oakland Police Lt.
Tom Studwell, Santa Rosa Police Officer (fmr.)
Mark Ballard, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Mike Brady, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Robert Brodnik, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Dick Foell, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Karen Lynch, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Greg Lynch, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Russ Bonfilio, San Francisco Police (fmr.)
Margo Rohrbacher, Central Marin Police
Ernie Schultze, Twin Cities/Central Marin Police (fmr.)

Ken Massucco, Marin County Fire Chief (fmr.)
Stan Rowan, Marin County Fire Chief (fmr.)
Robert Marcucci, San Rafael Fire Chief (fmr.)
Worth "Skip" Fenner, Novato Fire Commissioner
Ben Ghisletta, Marin County Fire Captain
Joe Morena, Marin County Fire Department (fmr.)
Paul Sasse, San Rafael Fire Department (fmr.)
Jim Barden, San Francisco Fire Department (fmr.)


Elizabeth Abaraden
Robert Abeling
Bob Abel Jr.
Elizabeth Alexander
Stephen Anderson
Mario Aquilino
Alan Aranha
Patricia Arrigoni
George Athas
Joe Ayoob
Eva Denegri Baker
Charles Barboni
Louis Bartolini
David Bernardi
Bonnie Bernardini
Ronald Bernardini
Clark Blasdell
Ann Bonfigli
Bill Bradley
Murphie Bradley
Gene Brannon
Mae Brannon
Monica Brett
Sharon Brodnik
Nita Bruinsslot
Jeff Brusati
Debra Brusatori
Stella Cantarutti
Joan Capurro
Mike Carson
Dave Casassa
Gene Ceccotti
Denyce Vogler-Codoni
Phil Collins
Kevin Conklin, Novato Parks and Recreation
Fred Consulter
Robert del Santo
Paul della Santina
James Dodds
Roy Dotto
Gloria –Violin Dunn
Amy Dutra
Walter Echo
Cal Farnsworth
Will Fahy
Patty Fahy
Mary Ferrario O'Brien
Cassie Fix
Cynthia Fix
Ken Franceschi
Paul Galassi
Sally Garbarino
Michael Ghilotti, Ghilotti Bros.
Bonnie Ghisletta
Jeanette Giacomini
Robert Giacomini, Pt. Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.
Dana Giovannini
George Gnoss
Margie Goodman
Michael Gorton
Jeff Grady
Keith Grady
Wolfgang Hagel
Judi Hagel
Lisa Hagel
Mary Harris
Mike Hartshorn
Diane Hartshorn
Dean L. Heffelfinger
Bill Heitner
Sid Hendricks
William Hutchinson
Eileen Hutchinson
Tora Isi
Don Johnson
Mark Kamena
Jill Knowlton
R. Craig Knowlton
Arthur Lang
Rick Lewis
Peter Limm
Roger Lioart
Catherine Long
David Long
Emil Maionchi
Lenore Maionchi
Gerald Mackenzie
Janet MacKenzie
David Marelli
Shirley Marelli
Frank Marino
V. David Mayahan
Jeff McAndrew
Pat McCormack
Nik Minton
Tehani Mosconi
Robert Nave
Jack Needling
Tom Newton
Al Nichelini
Henry Nieh
Sharon Nieh
Lee Nobman
Mary Ferrarro O’Brien
Dennis O'Connell
Mike O'Rourke
John Oranjo
Bernard Orsi
David Pagannini
Jerry Pickart
Jeff Potteroff
Susan Potteroff
Sal Priolo
Laura Riella
Laurette Rogers
Kathy Ronsheimer
Rich Ronsheimer
Bob Ross
Mary Sancimino
Yvonne Sasse
Vince Sheehan
Joe Shekou
Ed Shultze, 2017 Novato Citizen of the Year
Frank Silvestri
Valerie Silvestri
Steven Snyder
Hunter Spence
Kathryn Echo Starke
Nancy Stewart
William Stewart
Christina Stroeh
George Sumner
Tom Tharsing
Maureen Thomas
Peter L.H. Thompson, Past President Marin Symphony
Weldon Travis
Gloria Dunn-Violin
Alice Vipiana
Al Vipiana
Steve Warner
Roger Wehr
Lee Weldon
Rick and Susan Wernick
William White
Patricia Ellen White
Marty Wickenheiser
Ronald Witzel
Joanna Witzel
Nancy Zaharin

(partial list)


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